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How Septic Tanks Work

Raw waste water from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room flows into the tank where the solids separate from the liquid. Light solids, such as soap suds and fat, float to the top and form a scum layer. This layer remains on top and gradually thickens until you have the tank cleaned. The liquid waste goes into the drainfield, while the heavier solids settle to the bottom of the tank where they are gradually decomposed by bacteria. But some non-decomposed solids remain, forming a sludge layer that eventually must be pumped out.

A common mistake made by home owners is to pour bleach, chloreine or other acidic products into the system in an attempt to remove certain smells and blockages. This in fact kills the necessary bacteria which is necessary to decompose solids, and this results in a tanks needing to be cleaned out and new bacteria input.