Broken Sewer Lutz

Broken Sewer Line in Lutz, FL

In this video of a broken sewer line in Lutz, FL you can see that a cable was drilled through the sewer line.  It is more common than most people know, and why all underground drilling projects are risky.  Verizon and many other major utilities install cable using a directional drilling process that will break anything in its way, including plumbing.  When the broken sewer line stops allowing drainage to take place the entire house backs up, sometimes overflowing inside the house.  Even thought the house is only 8 years old, it is critical to hire a contractor with a TV inspection camera.  This customer was told by several plumbers that they didn’t need a TV inspection and that it was a “simple stoppage”.  As a result, they hired two plumbers without cameras before calling us when the back ups happened for a third time.  We have a saying at Tampa Bay Plumbers and that is, “The only reason a plumber will say you don’t need a camera inspection is because they don’t have one!”

Once we found the broken sewer line on camera we turned on our location device and pin pointed the location of the break under the driveway about 4 feet underground.  We repaired the broken sewer line and patched the slab.

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