City Sewer & Sanitary Tips Tampa

  1. Know where your main line cleanout (sewer access) is located.
  2. If you don’t have a main line cleanout, then you need to have one installed. It is a very wise investment in case of any back-up.
  3. Make sure that you have a wrench on hand to remove the cleanout cap. This will put the sewage back-up mess outside of your home as opposed to inside of your home. Test and confirm that the cap is removable.
  4. Use environmental Bio-One drain treatments. NEVER use acid or strong chemical treatments. This can cause more damage than good.
  5. To clean your drains, we recommend high pressure drain restoration which will last a considerable amount longer than the results from traditional cable machines.
  6. Follow up every drain cleaning service with a camera inspection of your sewer line. This will make sure that your pipe was really cleaned efficiently. Make sure that the camera inspection service is included with the drain cleaning, and no additional cost to you is incurred for this service.