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This is a picture of a new AO Smith 40 gallon low boy water heater.   We do Clearwater Water Heater Replacement right! Notice the Pro-Press fittings used on top of the water heater.  Tampa Bay Plumbers is one of the few contractors in the area who has this equipment.  Pro Press allows the installer make the repairs with water in the system.  Normally plumbers have to drain the entire system down when doing a sweat copper repair because the water in the pipe prevents the copper from sticking.  When water boils it turns into vapor which increases the pressure inside the pipe.  The positive pressure prevents the solder from sticking to the copper.  For properties such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, etc, shutting the water off for an extended time period of time is a very bad option.  Pro-Press technology gives plumbers the ability to make repairs on copper pipe ranging from .5 inch diameter to 4 inch in diameter in minutes not hours.  Many times Tampa Bay Plumbers technicians can press a valve on and immediately turn the water back on.  In addition to being fast, the repair is also the most solid.  Pro Press joints are guaranteed to last for many years and we have never had one leak in nearly 10 years of use.

On a previous demolition project we needed to remove some old copper piping from under a building. In order to get a firm grip on the pipe we pressed a Pro Press tee onto the pipe, attached a cable to the tee, and then connected the cable to the bumper of a truck. The truck’s engine strained, but the diesel motor and unbelievable strength of the Pro Press joint allowed the truck to pull the pipe completely out!

Use Tampa Bay Plumbers for all of your water heater replacements!

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Clearwater Water Heater Replacement
Clearwater Water Heater Replacement