Sewer Gas Leak | Nail in Plumbing Pipe at Restaraunt

During a smoke test in Naples we found this problem causing sewer gas leaks.  These pics show where the remodeling contractors failed to use nail plates when they remodeled the restaurant.  This is a national chain restaurant that has had sewer gas odors for 4 years and had spent $50,000 during that time testing and fixing leaks using other plumbers.  After 3 nights of work we had located, exposed, and repaired every sewer gas leak they had.  We did a follow up courtesy call today to see how it was going on site and the manager was delighted to inform me that they have not had any issues since we did the work.  This is a BIG DEAL for our company because now we do all the smoke testing in the state of Florida for them.  If you have sewer gas issues give us a call for a free consultation.


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