U.S. Coast Guard | Pipelining Project

Tampa Bay Plumbers is proud to announce that the Sand Key Coast Guard (USCG) has awarded the company a pipe lining project that must be completed by August 4th.  The project consists of installing 210 LF of 6.0 cured in place pipe in inch cast iron pipe and 45 LF of  CIPP in 4.0 inch cast iron pipe.  The company will also need to jet the sewer lines and TV inspect the pipe before installing the liner.  Over time the pipe has developed cracks along the bottom causing drain stoppages.  Tampa Bay Plumbers was selected over nearly 30 bidders from around the country.  “This is a major accomplishment for the company because we have never done a major capital improvement project for the USCG. After we perform on this project the USCG will earmark jobs like this for us since we were the lowest bidder and came in under the engineers estimate”, said managing member, Ryan Pelky. Tampa Bay Plumbers has been performing service work for the USCG since 2004, mostly involving jetting and TV inspecting the vacuum system.