Backflow Preventer Installation

We were recently called out to one of our Tampa Bay area commercial client’s business, who had a failing backflow device. This is a device that controlled the entire irrigation system to the Deer Park home owner’s association. Once we arrived, we removed the leaking 2-inch irrigation device and installed a new 2-inch backflow preventer.  The new preventer is now connecting the 1 1/2 inch c-PVC where it comes out of the ground, to the 2-inch galvanized pipe that connected to the pump. We painted the new preventer a bright shade of blue to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. We restored the water to this area and tested for leaks. The customer was extremely pleased with the work our technician’s provided and relieved to once again have a properly functioning irrigation system.

Below are photos from the job.  The first two pictures show the old, failing device and the final three photos show the new, blue backflow preventer!

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