Sink Stoppage at Local Residence

Tampa Bay Plumbers was called out to a local resident’s home due to a bathroom sink stoppage.  When our technician Mike Benson arrived on site he found that the galvanized waste arm in the living room behind the bathroom vanity had sludge build up which was not allowing the water to flow properly. Due to the age and condition of the original galvanized pipe, it was necessary to replace the pipe with PVC pipe. Build up in the old rusty piping is a common factor to most stoppage calls we receive, and that is why we recommend the upgrade to PVC for long-lasting resolutions. 

Tampa Bay Plumbers can replace your old, galvanized pipes with new, long-lasting PVC pipes.  Contact us anytime for any of your plumbing pipe needs!

Pictured below are photographs of the old galvanized pipes filled with sludge.  Also pictured is the upgraded PVC pipes that were installed in the place of the old galvanized pipes.